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About Us


I'm Paul Albon, Race Director of Big Bear Events Limited. Big Bear Events was started to put on small multi-terrain running events in the Midlands. I was searching for events for myself but couldn't find many so thought I'd organise them myself!

I've been competing in runs, sportives and triathlons over many years, very much completing rather than competing! That said, I did win my age group in my first triathlon (there was only one other person in it!) and did "win" a 6-hour race (everyone else went home after 3 hours). 

I have always been frustrated to attend events that are poorly planned or organised. I often leave events thinking either "I could do better than that" or "that was good, why aren't there more like that!?". I understand sh*t happens but often it is poor planning and not an unforeseen circumstance that can spoil a race.

The majority of the events will be chllenge events - multi-lap races with a time limit rather than a set distance. I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea but I find this format allows many different people with many different goals to compete. Whether it's your A race, you're training for an A race, you have a 100-mile ultra in a few weeks or you want to hammer out a quick 10k, time limit races allow everyone to get involved together.

I'm currently looking for venues for races. If you're reading this and know of a great place please share the secret. As I discuss options with many different venues I will update the website. I'm hoping to have a good variety of different courses to use. I'll be running trial events and details will be posted once these are organised.

I would very much appreciate feedback or suggestions on any aspect of the company as it means I'll be able to put on the events that people want.

Enjoy the website and sign up to some events.

Paul Albon
Race Director