Big Bear Events : Big Bear Brigade - FAQ

Big Bear Brigade - FAQ

Is this an affiliated club?

No. Outside of the Big Bear Events universe people won’t know what it is! Our partners will do and they’ll be able to offer you discounts but you wont get £2 off other events or other affiliated club benefits if you’re in the Big Bear Brigade.

But I just want money off events. Give me discounts!!!!

Sorry that’s not what this is at it’s core (although check out the bi-monthly give away!). If we give discounts to some people we have to increase money on others. We run a very tight ship in terms of money made on each event. If you look at comparable events we’re generally a bit cheaper and we like to think we put on as good if not better show than our competitors in many regards. These things cost money, if we start discounting all your entries we’ll have to start cutting back on the quality of the events – not a trade we ever want to make! We want to be able to grow a sustainable business that allows us to put food on the table of the aid station as well as our own.

Are their elections? Will there be unnecessary politics and arguments like in most running (or any other for that matter!) clubs?

No, and hopefully not! There are no elections as there is nothing to be elected for at this stage. Paul, the Big Bear Events race director, founder, advertising director, coffee boy, jaffa cake buyer and flapjack tester will essentially “run” the group. There shouldn’t be much to run to be honest! He’ll be asking members their thoughts on what improvements or changes to make but ultimately the decisions on the club are down to Paul.

What’s the top then? Will you just sharpie my name on the back of a crap cotton white T?

Oh no, no, no!! We have designed a super special Big Bear Brigade exclusive technical top. We’ve got a short sleeved, long sleeved and vest option. It’s be the same fit and quality as our standard Big Bear technical tops. With this in mind if you are unsure of sizing maybe try one of these on first at an event. If you so require, we can post a non-personalised one for you to try on, but it’s a lot easier and cheaper to do this at an event to be honest. The personalisation will be a space for your name and number to be sublimated on the top (not printed on!!). You can check out the designs on our Facebook page.

Personalised? Excellent. Do I have to have my surname on the back?

No it’s up to you – within reason! Nothing offensive. Tongue in cheek or a little risqué is ok but the final decision on printing is with Big Bear Events. The idea isn’t for you to be kitted out in highly offensive material with our name all over it!!

I want to join without the top. Can I have a cheaper membership?

Unfortunately, not. Having the top and displaying your belonging to the Brigade is a part of being in the club. We’re hoping that as one of Big Bear’s biggest fans you’ll be the best advocate for what we do. The top will hopefully be a conversation starter when you’re on the start line across the country, and beyond!!

Don’t you send out bib numbers anyway?

Nope. It’s an extra expense for our events and a bit of an admin issue too. For our Brigade members as your number is on your top you won’t need to have a bib number! All we need is for you to have a timing chip (we’ll give this to you for you to keep hold of) and your medical info. We are looking at purchasing ICE bracelets for this purpose for you but in the meantime we’ll make some small laminate strips for you to attach with your timing chip.

Can I chose any number for my membership/bib number?

Any number between 1-198 (Excluding 99 and 100 as we like to give these to people completing their 99th or 100th marathons!)

I wanted to be number 7, but it’s been taken… help!

Sorry, choosing your own number is on a first come first serve basis.

Is this a lifetime cost or a yearly fee?

The fee is for lifetime membership to the club, however the partner offers only last for 1 year. Also you can only claim  maximum of 3 free entries too, whether that be over 6 months or 60 years! However, if you purchase a new top we’ll add another year of benefits on!

A bi-monthly free place draw you say? Is that 1 free place for the whole Brigade?!

No! We’re going to have a bi-monthly draw on the 1st of the month (starting XXX) for free spots and there will be a 15% chance of winning! For example, if there are 10 members we’d have 2 free places in each draw and we’d be giving away 12 free spots over a year. Some lucky people might win more than once. If we had 100 members we’d give away 90 places every 12 months. Once you are drawn from the hat you go back in too so you could win loads of times!

How are you picking these numbers? Are you just going to bung them to your friends!!!

Not at all! We’ll use the Random formula on Excel – if your number doesn’t come up blame Bill Gates!! It’s a pretty boring watch but we might Facebook Live them too. Maybe. Possibly.

What if I decide after I’ve joined  I don’t want to be in the Brigade, will I get some money back?

Unfortunately not. The membership is for life, it’s difficult to pro-rata that!! If you have an immediate change of heart, then that’s a different story and get in contact with us ASAP. Once the order for the personalised top goes in there are no refunds.

What are the partner offers?

These will be confirmed when you join and potentially could change at anytime but we’re hoping to be able to offer discounts and special offers at our partners, be that our finish line suppliers of food and drink or Coventry Runner. We’ll do our best to secure as many exclusive BBB offers as we can. The bigger the group gets the more likely companies will want to give us incentives!

How do I prove I’m a member?

We’ll post out some membership cards. They’ll be relatively budget (they’re quite expensive to make!) but they’ll do the job!

I’ve got another question you’ve not answered!

Sorry! Email us at and we’ll answer it and add it to this list for next time!