Big Bear Events : Big Bear Brigade - Information

Big Bear Brigade - Information

The Big Bear Brigade is our way of celebrating our most dedicated runners. The Big Bear Brigade (BBB) is for people who enjoy Big Bear Events and want to tell the world and get some exclusive merch and deals! Members of the Brigade will get bundles of benefits (listed below) and we hope will help spread the word about how much fun Big Bear Events are.

You don’t need to come to every event, you don’t need to run for 6 hours or be super quick, you just have to enjoy spending time on the trail (and eating the flapjack after!!). This isn’t an EA affiliated club so don’t worry if you are a member of a running club already. This is a new idea for us so the proposition may change over time but we’ll always honour anything you’ve signed up for or give you the new version, whichever is better. The Brigade never stands still! You can enter here.

The Big Bear Brigade benefits (BBBb!) are;

  • Free exclusive personalised brigade technical T-shirt (or vest if you prefer) *
  • A bi-monthly prize draw for free entries at Big Bear Events
  • Exclusive joining merch
  • Your own exclusive race number (first come first served!)
  • Race number and timing chip posted out before the event – exclusive BBB only benefit
  • 20% discount on all merch
  • Exclusive offers at our partners
  • 30% discount on any extra Brigade exclusive merch
  • Random ad-hoc goodies and prize draws exclusively for Brigade members.

*We need to collate a minimum number of members to make a run of these shirts. Orders will be made once we have 10 member shirts to print.

The cost of joining the brigade will be £40 per year. Your membership will run for 12 months from when you join up. We’ll send a reminder when you are in your last month of membership. You can enter here.

The exclusive Big Bear Brigade T shirt will look a bit like this, this isn't quite the final design though (we'll have real images once the first batch is ordered and produced!)

Big Bear Brigade T shirt