Refund Policy

Below is our refund policy. Hopefully you can see this is fair and fairer than many larger organisations.
As soon as you enter an event Big Bear Events begins to incur costs. It is not possible to get a full refund after you have entered an event, regardless of reason.

If a waiting list in place for the event you want a refund on we will happily refund you 80% of your fee. This allows your place to go to a runner on the waiting list but covers the costs we incur for the extra processing. This is only available up to 7 days before the event.

You may transfer your place to another runner up to 7 days before the event – you should be able to do this via the full-on-sports website. If this isn’t possible just inform us at Include the new persons contact details and they will need to complete a runner information form to complete the transfer.

If you want to withdraw from a race with no waiting list the following can be offered;
Over 6 months before race – 75% refund
3-6 months before race – 50% refund
If there is less than 3 months until your race and you do not know anyone who wants the place you can use our social media pages to try to transfer you place or wait for a waiting list to be established.

There are no deferrals offered.

Licences supplied by the Trail Running Association

Affiliated organisation registered ref: 7692930