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Forest Series Pass, what is that and why should I get it? If you are planning on running the 4 events in the National Forest in the Autumn of 2019 (Walnut, Pine, Oak and Poplar Challenges) then the Forest Series Pass is perfect for you. You'll save about 10% on paying for the events individually and wont need to worry about missing out on any of your favorite forest based races. The Forest Series Pass will be the earliest way to enter all of our races too. These places will be limited to 25 until all races are open individually. The Forest Series Pass will be stopped once any of the individual events becomes full. Entry information Parking charges apply at some venues, check the individual event pages. *If you are unaffiliated why not join the Trail Running Association for £10 a year! You would only need to run in one other UKA/TRA race in the UK to start making savings! Check out the TRA. Where are the details of the events I'll be entering? For details on the individual events please check out the individual event pages. What if an event is cancelled or changed for any reason? We have agreements with the Forest Commission for all of these events but as these are organised well in advance (some over 2 years!) there unfortunately could be changes to the race schedule out of our control. A forest is a changing beast so these may be unavoidable. We will inform all entrants at the earliest date if this is the case. We will do our best to rearrange the race on the same day at a different venue or a different day at the same venue, whichever we can manage. If this happens in advance of the day then we would refund season pass holders 1/4 of their Forest Series Pass entry or give you free entry into a future event if you are unable to make the new time/venue. This is different to our general refund policy. What are the refund rules for a Forest Series Pass? The refund policy is the same as for all our events. The date used to determine the amount that can be refunded will be the date of the first event (Walnut Challenge, 24th September 2019). Entries cannot be transferred or refunded once the series has begun and you cannot let others run in your name for any of the events. Do I get anything special? Taking part in the Forest Series means you'll get a little bit extra than just entering 1 or 2 of the events. You will receive interlocking medals - collect them all to create an even bigger singular medal! There are likely to be other small Big Bear Event gifts for our series pass holders as well, we'll confirm some of these closer to to the time, and some will be a surprise! Contact If your question hasn't been answered or if you are still unsure of anything please contact us at info@bigbearevents.net where we'll do our best to help.
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