1. To the extent permitted by law, entrants accept that Big Bear Events Ltd, the organisers and sponsors of the race, or any of their agents, will not be liable for any loss, damage, action, claim, costs or expenses, which may arise in consequence of your participation in the event.
  2. Runners enter at own risk. Moving is risky. Moving quickly, outside and along uneven footpaths and trails has even more risks. You must accept that running has inherent risks of injury that cannot be removed even with the best planning and preparation in the world. These events are staged in changing wild environments and as such incidents will occur.
  3. Age limits will run in accordance to UKA rules. Given the nature of the events, and the time of week of these events only people aged 16 and above will be admitted with the neccesary restrictions on the distance they can cover. 16+ maximum distance is 16k, 17+ maximum distance is 25k, 18&19+ is 45k and 20+ is unlimited. These are restrictions applied by UKA who supply our insurance and as such must be adhered to.
  4. In the unlikely event the race has to be cancelled a refund will not be available. The race will only be cancelled for reasons outside Big Bear Events control (unsafe weather, flooding, fire etc.). We cannot over rule the landowners if they will not allow us to use their facilities on safety grounds. In the unlikely event of the event being cancelled every effort will be made to let entrants know immediately to lessen the impact. Although refunds will not be offered places can be transferred to our future events where places are available. We will try to rearrange the event if possible. We have no interest in cancelling events – this would be the last resort due to a very serious issue.
  5. As much as the race information is as accurate as possible when being produced sometimes events may have to change with short, or no, notice for entrants. Big Bear Events do not plan to do this as we appreciate it is frustrating for runners but sometimes it may be necessary and out of our control. Where possible we will give notice of any changes to an advertised event. Changes may include, and are not limited to, the date, time and route of the event.
  6. Big Bear Events is reliant on volunteers to help marshal and run the events. Their efforts are greatly appreciated by the Race Director and they must be listened too and treated with respect. There may be reasons that are not immediately apparent as to why you’re being instructed to do something, listen to them and follow instructions. Any abusive, threatening or disrespectful behaviour towards any of the race crew will lead to disqualification and a ban from entering future Big Bear Events, the Race Directors decision is final on this.
  7. As soon as you enter an event Big Bear Events begins to incur costs. It is not possible to get a full refund after you have entered an event, regardless of reason. You may transfer (for free or a fee – it’s up to you) your place to another runner up to 7 days before the event – just inform us at info@bigbearevents.net Include the new persons contact details and they will need to complete the runner information form also. Please visit our refund policy page for up to date information on refunds.
  8. Runners should make every effort to train for the event and distance they are planning on completing. It is the runner’s responsibility to ensure that they are physically able to complete the task. Big Bear Events Ltd accepts no liability for any injury occurred at our events. Given the nature of the challenge events you can always run less on the day if training hasn’t been as planned. The routes will be available in advance and a reconnaissance trip would be advised where possible. If you have been unwell in the days prior to the event seek medical advice as to whether you should compete.
  9. Throughout the event we will take photos of all aspects of the event. Many people enjoy this and like to see photos of their efforts to share with family, friends and the running community. We will use these photos on our various social media accounts and our website to promote future races. If you are unhappy with any of these images you see online please contact Big Bear Events at info@bigbearevents.net.
  10. Race licences will be applied for through UK Athletics (UKA) and The Trail Runners Association (TRA) dependant on the course being used. Both organisations follow the same set of rules laid out by UKA. Where a licence has been granted the licence number will be available on the event page and at the race. As such, under UKA rules, the use of headphones (MP3 players etc.) can lead to disqualification from the event.
  11. Unless specifically stated on the event page Big Bear Events event will take place in public spaces. This means that we will not have sole use of the venue and you do not have priority over members of the public. This means there may be times were you have to wait to let people pass, or dogs, push chairs and wheelchairs may slow you down temporarily. Big Bear Events will endeavour to make members of the public aware an event is happening and will try to source routes where congestion should be limited and not impact your race. However, you must respect the other users and be polite. Complaints made to land owners will seriously impact the chance of the event being run again and may impact other events locally also. You are responsible for representing your sport, do it well. Complaints made to Big Bear Events may lead to disqualification and a ban from future events.
  12. Don’t drop litter. Many of the courses used by Big Bear Events are wonderful places of nature maintained by the tax payer. You dropping litter impacts on the beauty and costs the tax payer to remedy. There will be adequate bins close to HQ to dispose of wrappers etc. anyone caught dropping litter will be disqualified.
  13. In the event of an injury you allow us to pass your details on to relevant medical professionals.
  14. Big Bear Events do not cater for cannicross (running with a dog) unless specifically mentioned in the event information. If a course is suitable for running with a running buggy this will be highlighted in the event information also. Please race with respect for other users though please. Not all of the routes or surfaces will be appropriate but we want to be as inclusive as possible. The same applies to wheelchair users. Some of the courses have gates, stiles or very steep gradients making them inaccessible to wheelchair users. If in doubt please ask at info@bigbearevents.net before entering an event.
  15. There is no re-entry to a race once you have decided you are finished. Once you receive your medal you have finished your race for the day. Full rules of challenge events can be found on the specific event page.
  16. Your information and data is treated with respect. Big Bear Events is ensuring it complies with GDPR. When you enter a race your information is entered and stored with full-on-sports and is not sold or used for any marketing. We use Mailchimp to store email address' and names of people who have given consent to be contacted by us for our newsletter. If you have any queries relating to your data please email us at info@bigbearevents.net. The legislation is new and so these process' are evolving.

This is not an exhaustive list of terms and conditions and is a working document so may change without notice. Big Bear Events is a very small company looking to put on interesting events for everyone to enjoy safely. The rules are there to try to allow that to happen. As the company matures and new issues arise these terms may be added too. I would ask that you request information if you have any queries or are unsure of anything before signing up to an event. The Race Director, and Big Bear Events, will have the final decision on events on the day and leading up to the race. Feedback is always welcome and we are happy to discuss any aspect of the event and company and be as open as possible. We are not lawyers, we are runners and will always try to do what is fair.