Refund Policy

Below is our refund policy for our 6 hour challenges and 10K events. Hopefully you can see this is fair (and fairer than many larger organisations).

As soon as you click enter on an event, Big Bear Events begins to incur costs. It is not possible to get a full refund after you have entered an event, regardless of reason. We will happily transfer your place to a future event or give you a discount code for the entry fee you paid that you can use against a future race or our merchandise.

You can ask for a transfer to another event or person up to 7 days before the event – email

If you wish to transfer your place to another runner contact us ( We will need to take details from the new runner, unfortunately this isn’t a process you can do yourself.

If you want to withdraw from a race and do not wish to transfer your entry or receive a discount code then:

  • Over 6 months before race – 50% refund
  • 3-6 months before race – 25% refund
  • If there is less than 3 months before an event there will be no monetary refunds.

For our Warwickshire Bear Ultra the refund policy is slightly different please see below from the FAQ section.

A little less generous than our standard withdrawal policy unfortunately. As soon as you enter we incur costs. Genuine ones. So, if you need to withdraw 6 months or more before the event you can have 100% of your entry as a race voucher(s) or you can have a 50% cash refund. If you need to withdraw 1-6 months from the event you can have 100% of your entry fee as a race voucher(s) but there is no cash refund. There are no withdrawals in the last month before the event. You can transfer your entry to another runner up to a week before the event, there is no charge for this.

This is a lot more generous than many other race organisers. Hopefully you see it as fair. Not many people will enter a 40 mile event within 1 months of the event so the likelihood of us being able to pass you place on to someone else is slim, hence the 1 month cut off. If you’ve got a mate who will take your place, no problem by us. However, we start putting together start lists, medical info etc a week out from the event so we can’t change the data here.